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Jappanese Communicator Leader

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I. General Tasks:

1. Translation: Translate Vietnamese/English to Japanese; Japanese to Vietnamese and peer review.

2. Interpretation

- Interpret in project meeting (include direct meeting and TV/ teleconference meeting) and support customer without supports from other comtors.

- Interpret in business meeting at Operation Group level.

3. Communication task

- Perform as main comtor for A/B ranked projects,

- Create translation plan and track translation progress,

- Take care of customers.

4. Information management

- Self manage and understand the assigned documents,

- Process/manage the information of project,

- In charge of a business line or customer,

- Process/manage the business information at OG level (on demand).

II. Quality improvement:

- Provide suggestions in improving the communication with customers,

- Contribute in creating work-flows, processes, guidelines, templates for improving

performance and management,

- Review IPs relate to communicator.

III. HR Development

1. Training

- Conduct training for new communicators at Operation Group level,

- Create training plan for Operation Group,

- Manage training activities.

2. Management

- Manage task of comtor team,

- Coordinate with other departments in interviewing and selecting new comtors.

IV. Information Security

- Obey information security regulations of company

- Ensure Information security in project.

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